Why should your business accept Crypto?

With the increasing interest in multiple types of cryptocurrencies, there are more consumers than ever looking for ways to spend their cryptocurrencies.


Merchants embracing cryptocurrencies are able to increase their sales rate by accepting Crypto payments.


Accepting Litecoin and DigiByte comes with many benefits to business owners:

*No fees (or very tiny)
*Instant transactions
*No Chargebacks
*No Frauds
*Wider customer base

How can your business easily accept in-person Crypto payments?

We have listed the best ways below:


DigiCafe is a win-Win

Your business can easily accept in-person DigiByte payments using the devices you already know and love. DigiCafe is free to download on IOS and Andriod. With no costly hardware and no monthly fees, DigiCafe is a win for you and your customers.

ForgingBlock Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

A quick, simple, reliable payment
solution that accepts crypto.
Over 10 mainstream coins supported
You can accept all 1,415 supported coins or just one


Salamantex provides EASY-TO-USE interfaces in the crypto- and blockchain world under the slogan “easy way for crypto pay”. The Salamantex crypto payment solutions can be used on their own developed payment terminals or can be integrated into existing POS systems, smartphones, tablets and online shops.

Are you interested in accepting cryptocurrencies as payments?


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