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We are a 501C3 organization whose primary mission is to educate the masses to the benefits of blockchain.

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Welcome to the Breakthrough Blockchain Foundation & Accelerator. Our group is dedicated to the advancement of blockchain projects. Our goal is to highlight the technology, projects and humanitarian efforts in this space. We intend to sponsor existing projects, create/invest in new projects and advance the technology of interesting ideas and projects in blockchain. Our humanitarian efforts will help to showcase how blockchain can solve some of the most important problems facing our nation and our world at this time.

We are a 501C3 organization whose primary mission is to educate the masses to the benefits of blockchain. We do this through educational materials and events designed to bring blockchain to higher ed and business.

We encourage students to join and as our foundation grows, we will be looking towards business collaboration, consulting, scholarship and philanthropic endeavors.

Any donations to the foundation are considered tax deductible and can be written off on your taxes. Plus, you get to help further our mission of creating an environment that encourages true freedom.

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As a member of the higher ed community, over the years I’ve gained a real appreciation of technology and what it can do to create a better world and a future. With the people I’ve met and students I’ve worked with, I wanted to do more to prepare to better meet this future and as such, wanted to start an organization geared towards education, investment and philanthropy.

Breakthrough Blockchain Foundation is a vehicle for achieving the advancement of blockchain through events, education, energy, commercial real estate and philanthropy. The goal is to showcase the technology and the possibility of not only helping to build a better world but to also highlight the wonderful career opportunities that exist in this new technology.


The Motivation Behind Breakthrough Blockchain

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