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Business is about lifestyle

Many business owners work more hours than an employee and have less fun. What would it take for you to work half as many hours and make twice as much money?

If it’s possible for anyone, it’s possible for you.

After working 70-80 hour weeks for many years, a health crisis gave Jeremy Britton the wake-up call he needed. In 2005 he decided to work just 24 hours a week and focus on working smarter, not longer.

Jeremy guarantees that you can work half as many hours and make twice as much in your business, and there are dozens of video testimonials from clients who have done this (or better!)

Book a quick consultation and see what’s possible for you in your business.


Q This sounds too good to be true: is it?

Many business owners work 60-80 hours a week and they are used to it, so they think it is normal. However, there are entrepreneurs who work far less. Tim Ferriss did a 4-hour work week for many years. Richard Branson owns over 200 companies, and simply cannot give each one more than an hour a week.
New technologies and new ways of doing business are possible. Just as email took over from paper letters and mobile phones took over from landlines, there are new technologies which can make your business faster and more efficient.

Q What's the catch?

No catch except the trap you're already in! Check out client testimonial videos at www.bit.ly/24testimoni and see examples of real estate agents, doctors, builders, accountants, life coaches, salespeople, personal trainers and others who have made some big changes and learned to love their business and lifestyle

Q What are your credentials?

Experience: Jeremy has had 12+ startups in retail and financial services over the last 25 years. He sold his last startup for six figures in 2010 and has been consulting since then.
Jeremy also has formal qualifications in financial planning, stockmarket advising, meditation and hypnotherapy. (You could say that the relaxation of one balances out the stress of the others!)

Q What are your prices?

We accept major cryptocurrencies. Fiat pricing is $0 for initial 15-min consultation, and from $200 to $500 if you choose to go ahead.
Other services will attract relevant pricing from other suppliers, depending on what you need (eg. company setup, business restructure, insurances etc)

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