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We design and manufacture crypto related products! Mounts / Cases for hardwallets, nodes, and more!

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247 Bits

247Bits cold storage card wallet is a superior approach to the security of the traditional paper wallet

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Round The Block

Buy gift cards & pay bills

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The Store at

The Store at

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Short The Banks

Short the Banks.. Join our community to spread the message. Not a bot just a beginner trying to grow and love! Bitcoin is accepted!

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Our mission is to make crypto useful. Purse allows users to name their own discount when shopping any product on Amazon by matching shoppers with earners- individuals who wish to exchange their Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin! Purse has the best deals online, period. No minimums, no blackout dates, no gimmicks. The winds of crypto markets are at our backs and we’re building a flatter marketplace for a better world.

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Crypto Currency Cold Storage

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Trusted by Over 800,000 Stores. No.1 eCommerce Platform for All Businesses. Mobile Commerce

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Real Crypto

We make physical crypto coins that you can store your digital cryptocurrency wallets on. We give you all the tools to make an ultra secure digital wallet and then show you how to put it behind a serialized tamper resistant hologram. Our coins are great to give out to friends and family because they don’t have to know anything about crypto to hold on actual cryptocurrency. You can pay with 18 different cryptocurrencies as well!

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the HODL Wallet

the HODL wallet is an indestructible backup tool for a bitcoin wallet which stores your confidential information without the use of third parties.

Original Satoshi – The Bitcoin Sto

A Place for Bitcoin. Bitcoin Full Nodes, Lightning, Stickers and more! Pay in Bitcoin and Lightning.

Zithex Global

A Best Trade & Exchange Platform for Cryptocurrency.


Coldkeys are physical secure cold storage wallets for crypto-currencies

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Helperbit is a startup that uses #blockchain technology and #bitcoin to offer transparency in #charity and a new #insurance paradigm for natural disasters

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Crypto de Change

Fund your life with cryptocurrencies. Buy groceries, gift cards, etc with #bitcoin #litecoin and more!

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lightning network enabled store selling bitcoin and other open source project merchandise.

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All Crypto Whitepapers

The largest crypto whitepaper database

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Livernois-McGraw Party Store

Most Crypto friendly store around

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Crypto Rock LLC

At this point, 3 months after the stated delivery date, I need to assume that I have been scamm...

Crypto Merch

Unique crypto apparel and 3D printed crypto products


Crypto-Backed Business Loans

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LifeHash Protect, store ,create, and prove your DATA


We Are a Modern Growth Marketing, Advocacy Marketing, and Reputation Management To Grow Your Business Online.

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